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  • Board of Neighborhood Commissioners (BONC)
    The City of Los Angeles Board of Neighborhood Commissioners is comprised of seven members, appointed by the Mayor, and confirmed by the City Council. The Commission is responsible for setting and overseeing policy. The Commission holds regular public meetings every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month and may hold special meetings to conduct business.
  • Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Coalition
    The Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Coalition brings together the individual Councils and is intended to enhance the ability of NCs, as well as their clout and influence, giving a larger voice on issues affecting more than one neighborhood.
  • Congress of Neighborhoods
    The Los Angeles Congress of Neighborhoods brings together leaders from the city’s 99 Neighborhood Councils for a day of networking and education. Held yearly at LA City Hall, the event aims to help Neighborhood Council leaders obtain the tools and establish the relationships they need to build a successful future for their communities.
  • Westside Regional Alliance of Councils
    WRAC is a cooperative regional coalition of Councils, made up of 14 Neighborhood and Community Councils on the Westside of Los Angeles. WRAC meets regularly on the third Wednesday of every month with the aim of discussing matters of regional interest.
  • Neighborhood Council Budget Advocates
    The Budget Advocates are an elected, all volunteer, independent advisory board charged with making constructive recommendations on the City’s budget to the Mayor and the City Council and with inspiring City Departments to improve their operations. Budget Advocates also solicit stakeholder input on City services, inform residents on the City’s financial management and report on the City’s progress.
  • Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE)
    This City of Los Angeles department was created as part of the same June 1999 Charter amendment that created Neighborhood Councils. The department oversees Neighborhood Council policies and practices and DONE is intended to support and assist Neighborhood Councils.
  • Representative Adam Schiff (CA-28)

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