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Getty Fire

Posted on 10/28/19

Dear Stakeholders and Friends:

We hope you and your loved ones are safe. We hope that this information will be of some value to you.
There is a fire ("Getty Fire") that began in the Sepulveda Pass at 1:30 am that has spread west and south to the hillside areas of Brentwood. Helicopters are dropping water. Planes cannot get into the air until daylight.  Local schools will be closed today (see list below).
Homes have been lost on Tigertail Road, Skye, and Chicory Lane. Sepulveda Blvd. is closed through the Pass.  LA City has issued evacuation orders: Mulholland to 405 to Sunset to Temescal/Topanga -- north of Sunset, south of Mulholland, west of 405 to Temescal/Topanga.  Embers can be carried live up to a mile away which creates great risk for the entire Santa Monica Mountains area. DOT is on duty at Sunset to move the traffic out of the canyons and out of the area. Do not attempt to travel on Sunset Blvd. It is needed for evacuation traffic.
Power outages are being experienced by 2,600 homes served by DWP in Brentwood, Bel Air and in Westwood per tv news broadcast. Power lines were seen on fire in helicopter coverage. Assume any downed lines are live and be very cautious.  
The fire has NOT crossed east of the 405 although students in UCLA dorms were placed on alert earlier this morning.
The Westwood Recreation Center on Sepulveda has been designated as the local evacuation center.The Van Nuys Sherman Oaks Recreation Center is also open for evacuations. The West Valley Animal Shelter and West LA Animal Shelter are open for animals being evacuated. (If you are a WLA shelter volunteer you may want to check in to see if extra help is needed.)
Check traffic conditions if you are heading to the 405 and the San Fernando Valley. Southbound exits from the 405 in the pass are currently closed as is Sepulveda Blvd. While the 405 freeway is open at the time of this posting, that may change as the wind kicks up this morning. If you drive on the 405 freeway, do NOT pull over to photograph the fire as cars have been seen doing in views from news coverage.  
Notify any friends you may have who are in the evacuation zone to let them know of the fire if you suspect that they are not on the City's emergency alert system. If you are able to take in or lend support to friends in the evacuation zone you may want to let them know.
The LAPD is on tactical alert meaning that officers will be told to stay on duty when their shift ends.  
Due to the Getty Fire, the following LAUSD schools are closed today, Oct. 28. Transportation to and from these schools is also cancelled:

  •     Palisades High School
  •     University High School
  •     Emerson Middle School
  •     Revere Middle School
  •     Brentwood Elementary
  •     Brockton Elementary
  •     Canyon Elementary
  •     Community Magnet
  •     Fairburn Elementary
  •     Kentner Elementary
  •     Marquez Elementary
  •     Paliades Elementary
  •     Roscomare Elementary
  •     Nora Sterry Elementary
  •     Topanga Elementary
  •     Warner Elementary
  •     Westwood Elementary
Santa Monica - Malibu School District has announced closure of their schools on Monday.
Private schools closed include all the schools along Mulholland Drive: Curtis School, Mirman, Milken, Westland, Wise, Berkeley Hall, and John Thomas Dye in Bel Air. Check other private schools before heading off to classes today.
Residents on hillside streets throughout the Westside are urged to remove their cars from hillside streets to enable access by firefighters.  

Keep safe! Sign up for NotifyLA
Thank you & best regards, on behalf of the Bel Air-Beverly Crest Neighborhood Council,
Robin Greenberg, President                          
Bel Air-Beverly Crest Neighborhood Council
[email protected]       

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