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Candidates for Elected & Selected Seats - 2021 Election

Posted on 04/23/21

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Candidate Statement:
I currently serve as Vice President of Operations for Bel Air-Beverly Crest Neighborhood Council and am founding President of the Doheny Sunset Plaza Neighborhood Association. I am running for this seat because I believe I can be an effective advocate for the whole community. As we come out of this very difficult year, we are sure to face new challenges. Problem party houses may proliferate, traffic and transportation challenges that abated during the pandemic will return and resources may not be available to confront problems effectively. Important infrastructure decisions will be made that will have profound effects on neighbors. In this environment, it’s important to have somebody who is hard-working and who will relentlessly pursue fair and effective solutions to problems. You should expect nothing less. I will be your persistent advocate.

Candidate Statement:
Elected in 2019, incumbent At-Large Youth Rep. Philip Enderwood is a lifelong resident of Bel Air. Enderwood is an undergraduate at UCLA, where he studies public policy and history. He serves on the following BABCNC committees: Budget & Finance, Public Works & Telecommunications, and Traffic.

Candidate Statement:
I have been a dedicated Board member for 6 years. As a candidate for the Community Interest seat, I will continue to listen to, act and advocate for you and our special community. I currently serve on the Rules and Bylaws, Elections, Outreach, Traffic and Emergency Preparedness Committees. I have a J.D which allows me to analyze issues. My community volunteer work as a Mediator for Socal Family Mediation (LA Superior Court) and my work as a facilitator for the Institute of Nonviolence allows me to see both sides of an issue and offer a solution. I have a CA Real Estate Brokers License which sure helps me understand complicated land use issues.I also sit on the WLA Community Policing Advisory Board and communicate our issues directly to the LAPD. I served as a Community Organizer for a major presidential candidate where I listened to diverse opinions of constituents and brought them together for a common cause. I will fight for your common cause as your tireless advocate.

Candidate Statement:
No statement

At-Large Traditional Stakeholder (2)

Candidate Statement:
My husband two cats and I have lived in our home above Sunset for seven years. We absolutely adore our wonderful community. The natural beauty of our hillsides are breathtaking. I am absolutely passionate about preserving the natural habitat. Our hillsides, trees, wildlife and open space needs much support and leadership. I currently serve on the board of our local homeowners association. I have been the secretary for the past 3 years. We are blessed with a very engaged group of homeowners. I would like to expand my community involvement and serve on the Bel Air Beverly Crest Council.

Candidate Statement:
Gail Sroloff is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she was an intercollegiate athlete and majored in Exercise Science. She is a founding faculty member of Milken Community High School and started and directed the Athletic and Physical Education Departments until her retirement 10 years ago. Since her retirement, Gail has been active as a mentor in the Fulfillment Fund and as an ambassador for the non-profit Canine Companions for Independence. Gail has lived in Bel-Air with her husband Shelly for 12 years and has served on the BAA Board as Co-Chair of the Membership Committee and Social Outreach. She desires to remain on the board to help maintain the beauty, safety and tranquility of our Bel-Air Community.

Candidate Statement:
Vadim Levotman’s priorities are public safety matters. He routinely attends LAPD community meetings and is a strong advocate for the community. While in law school, he developed a clear understanding and appreciation for law and order. Currently, he serves as a Public Safety Liaison for Bel Air-Beverly Crest NC, and has been appointed to Community-Police Advisory Board as a BABCNC representative. His focus is to develop an understanding of community needs and current LAPD funding issues. Vadim is a board member of Doheny Sunset Plaza NA (DSPNA). As a co-chair of Security Committee, he plans activities on security issues, spearheading the establishment of a highly successful Dedicated Security Patrol program. As a co-chair of Security Patrol Oversight Committee, he monitors and updates security patrol protocols. Vadim is a CPA and serves as Treasurer of the DSPNA, and would value the opportunity to serve the entire Bel Air-Beverly Crest Neighborhood Council community.

Candidate Statement:
The first time Mindy drove through the canyons she was captivated by the natural beauty and knew that this was meant to be her home. Mindy and her husband, Robert, have lived in Benedict Canyon for over 35 years. Mindy is a past president of the Benedict Canyon Association (BCA). The past few years she was editor of the BCA Newsletter and authored numerous articles. Mindy received her MBA from UCLA’s Anderson School of Business with an emphasis in marketing. She is a devoted community activist and serves on several Boards: TreePeople, The American Friends of the Hebrew University, and The Berkeley Institute for Jewish Law. Mindy is currently a representative to the Neighborhood Council. She is a member of the outreach committee, and the chair of the Ad Hoc Environmental Committee. She wishes to continue as a representative to the Neighborhood Council so she can protect the wildlife, the tree canopy, and the tranquil quality of life for the residents of the hillsides.

Candidate Statement:
No candidate statement.

Candidate Statement:
As a homeowner in our community, I wish to give back and support my neighbors in creating a more vibrant, safe, and progressive place to live. I have over 32 years of real estate experience in Los Angeles, and I love my neighborhood. I have a legal background and experience dealing with City matters. I have a wonderful, supportive and caring wife and three adorable young boys. I want to provide my services to our community to make it a better and safer place for all of us to live in.

At-Large Youth Representative

Candidate Statement:
As a regular at Lilly's coffee since I was born, I've always had a close connection with our community in the district and want to join the council to represent it. I've become increasingly involved in political action over the past year, working as a poll worker in the district during the 2020 election and spending lots of time phone banking in the months before. As the youth representative on the council, I hope to increase youth interest in local government and include their perspective on which issues matter, as well as the perspectives of everyone in our diverse district. I want to talk to as many people as I can as I run and once I am on the council, if elected, to focus on change that people are passionate about and that will affect them. My top priority is making sure that my work on the council reflects the community's priorities and that more people become engaged in neighborhood elections and government.

Candidate Statement:
Nathan is currently a junior in high school. He lives in Beverly Crest with his mother, father, sister, and golden-doodle. Nathan is very interested in Economics in the Rothbardian tradition, History, and Philosophy. He enjoys volunteering, having clocked 40+ hours at Cedars-Sinai and another 30+ at other various organizations. He also participates in Mock Trial and Youth & Government and has achieved multiple awards. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, mountain biking, and playing tennis & golf. He has a deep connection with the Beverly Crest community, having lived there his whole life. As a kid, Nathan would frequently visit the LAFD Fire Station 99 and spend time with the firefighters. He looks forward to becoming more active in his community. If elected, Nathan would advocate for traffic solutions, an end to street racing in our neighborhoods, as well as getting more of the community involved and advocating for social justice.

Candidate Statement:
As a member of the Mayor’s Youth Council for Climate Action and Captain of the Varsity Congressional Debate Team at my high school, I understand how to advocate for my community and find ways to improve our city. I have lived in this district my entire life and I, therefore, want to contribute to the next chapter. After completing a summer intensive at the Civic Youth Leadership Program facilitated by the city of Los Angeles, I have a good grasp of what it takes to become a representative of my district, the role I must fulfill, and the responsibility that comes with it. As a Youth-Representative, I’d offer new perspectives and engage with community members to listen to what changes they would like to see under my leadership. Like in Congressional debate where I represent the American population, by assuming this position I will put my Bel Air-Beverly Crest constituency first, surely leading to success.

Commercial or Office Enterprise Representative

Candidate Statement:
I'm hoping to use my years of governmental and community experience to continue the good work of the Neighborhood Council. Strengthening our Neighborhoods and addressing the needs of our communities are my top priorities.

Public Educational Institutions Representative

Candidate Statement:
I've just completed my first term as Public School representative, and we've had quite a year (plus some) transitioning in COVID times and re-thinking what "school" looks like, even in our own homes. For the past year, public schools have been online and we have had to adapt to the challenges faced by one of the largest school systems on earth. I look forward to working with our City Council and our Board to make the transition back to in-person school as safe as possible while keeping in mind their socio-emotional health.

Franklin/Coldwater District Representative

Candidate Statement:
A native Los Angeles son, I'm a graduate of UCLA and Loyola Law School and have worked as an attorney for nearly three decades. I have lived my entire life in Los Angeles and have resided in Coldwater Canyon since 2001. I'm passionate about conserving the unique character of our city and preserving the exceptional natural beauty of our hillsides and habitat for generations to come. I have built coalitions, led and successfully advocated on behalf of the Franklin-Coldwater community, including my recent campaign to rid out-of-scale construction from our neighborhoods. I am strongly committed to serving the residents of Franklin-Coldwater and I hope to have your support.

North of Sunset District Representative (2)

Candidate Statement:
Yves moved from Luxembourg to Los Angeles 30 years ago. He is a successful and very experienced Real Estate agent, who decided a few years ago that it's time to get involved in making our community an even better place by serving on the Bel-Air Beverly Crest Neighborhood Council and Planned Land Use Committee. Los Angeles is in his heart, has been extremely good to him, and now it's time to give back to Los Angeles.

Candidate Statement:
I have lived in our home above Sunset Blvd with my wife and our wonderful dog Charley for 10 years. We love our beautiful hillside sanctuary and feel fortunate to be surrounded by engaged, friendly neighbors. After listening to a variety of frustrations about a planned hotel/retail development at the bottom of our street and experiencing the impact of development and local properties being turned into out-of-control party houses, I decided to get involved. I have become a local neighborhood advocate, an Alternate for our BABCNC representative, attended in person and virtual Board meetings and volunteered my time as a member of BABCNC Traffic Committee. In 2020, I accepted a newly created seat on the BABCNC Board and am currently the Chairperson of the Public Works and Telecommunications committee. With my skills, experience and energy I will fight for YOU, my neighbors and friends. I have a lot to give, and we have a lot to protect. I am honored for this opportunity.

Bel-Air District Representative

Candidate Statement:
Dr. Goodman has lived in the area for 36 years. Finishing UCLA with Honors, he organized EmergencyCare courses and served on Ethics, PatientSafety, and RiskManagement Committees. A Diplomat of the Board of InternalMedicine, and AmericanCollege of Physicians member, he’s practiced medicine for 26 years, teaching UCLA medical students as an AsstClinical Professor. Since 2016, he’s Chaired BAA’s EmergencyPrep/Neighborhood Watch where he's helped manage emergency communications, has organized/led BAA EP public meetings, and has helped establish a communication network and evacuation grid with block by block team captains. He has been one of Bel-Air’s Neighborhood Council Board representatives and is eager and honored to continue to serve the community. LAFD CERT trained, and having also completed the highest level LAPD Community Police Academy, Mark is on the Community Police Advisory Board, has been BAA's LAPD/LAFD Liaison and values providing a safety perspective to community advocacy

Candidates for Selected Seats

Custodian of Open Space

Travis Longcore Conservation Scientist
Candidate Statement:
The network of open spaces embedded within the neighborhoods of the BABCNC territory are more important than ever. I bring 25 years of experience as a conservation scientist, with particular expertise in the impacts of development, fire risk and its mitigation, wildlife movement, urban forestry, and the policy and regulatory processes that govern both development and acquisition and management of land for its ecological value. I have served in this position since 2013 and can draw on a wide network of professional contacts within the agencies responsible for the regulatory and acquisition frameworks that govern the natural resources and open spaces of our territory.

Private Schools (K-6)

Yon Jean "Teresa" Lee Parent
Candidate Statement:
Teresa Lee has lived in Bel Air since 2008 and has served BABCNC as the Private K-6 Schools from ’15-’17 and ’19-present. She has served on several committees as a PTA Board member at The John Thomas Dye School and is currently a deacon at Bel Air Church.

Private Schools (7-12)

Jon Wimbish Administrator
Candidate Statement:
As an administrator at Harvard-Westlake School, a campus that sits within the Bel Air Beverly Crest Neighborhood Council District, it continues to be my pleasure to serve on the council and continue the partnership between our school and BABCNC. I see the good work that the council undertakes in the neighborhood and the influence it has in the city of Los Angeles, and it is an honor to be part of it.

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