L.A. City Council Meeting – Wednesday, Aug. 31

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Last Call to RSVP for the Clean Streets L.A. Challenge Workshop — Final Events on Monday & Tuesday

This is a reminder that Monday and Tuesday’s Clean Streets Workshops on the West side will be the final training workshops of the contest. To be eligible to participate in the Clean Streets LA Challenge, organizations are required to have a representative present for at least one of the workshops.  Read more here.

The NC Emergency Preparedness Alliance’s

next meeting will be Saturday August 27, 2016 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM at the Emergency Management Dept’s EOC in downtown LA. The purpose of the Alliance is to help NCs, working with other city agencies and first responders prepare their communities for both city wide and local emergencies.


Council Vote on SDU Repeal Ordinance

The vote on the ordinance to repeal LA’s standards governing second dwelling units (also known as granny flats) has been moved to next Wednesday’s City Council meeting on August 31. This gives us one more week to make our voices heard on this issue.

The vote is shaping up to be very close. We have come so far since the PLUM Committee voted in favor of the repeal at the end of June, and we must keep the momentum going.  It is critical for the City Council to continue to hear how the proposed repeal would harm neighborhoods. We cannot simply abandon our local standards for the development of second units in single-family residential zones.  More info.

Action Alert: Second Dwelling Units (SDU)-Granny Flats in LA – CF 16-0348

It is important that you and your community be aware of the pending action of the LA City Council to legalize Second Dwelling Unit / Granny Units across the City to state standards which allow for SDU’s of up to 1200 square feet with no minimum lot size requirement and which will essentially re-zone R1/single family neighborhoods into multi-family duplex properties. 

The article from CityWatch (see link below) summarizes the current situation.  Neighborhood councils should consider making CIS statements and/or emergency motions to oppose the current recommendations.  Individuals should consider writing as stakeholders/taxpayers. 


2016-2017 Budget Advocates choose Jacqueline Le Kennedy

At the July 30, 2016 Neighborhood Council Budget Day Jacqueline Le Kennedy was elected to represent Region 11(West L.A.) along with Jay Handal and Jon Liberman.  The Neighborhood Council Budget Advocates(NCBA) advise the Mayor and City council on the City’s Budget.  For the 2016-2017 term, the NC Budget Advocates meet twice a month, generally on the first Monday at 7:00pm at City Hall 20th floor and the third Saturday at 10:00 am at West Los Angeles Municipal Building. 

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