BABCNC Update on the BMO/BHO

Dear Stakeholders of the Bel Air – Beverly Crest Neighborhood Council area:
The Los Angeles City Planning Commission (CPC) met with regard to the Baseline Mansionization Ordinance/Baseline Hillside Ordinance on Thursday, July 14th, and received the report from the Staff of the Planning Department, which is a revision to the existing zoning code. Read more »

BMO/BHO – City Planning Commission Update

Thank you to those who attended the hearing on July 14th!  Councilmember Koretz appreciates all the hard work you’ve put into creating a much more balanced ordinance and we are pleased to report that the City Planning Commission moved the BMO/BHO ordinance forward to Council.  The City Planning Commission did modify the ordinance as follows: Exempt only 200 square feet of an attached garage in the front of the house, and continue the exemption to 400 square feet of a garage if it is located in the rear of the property. Read more »

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