Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Committee

Emergency Preparedness Committee considers all issues pertaining to the police and fire departments, as well as educating area residents as to how to proceed in the event of an emergency or catastrophic event, or if there is need for emergency medical services.

Guide to Primary Presenters & Topics: 

  • April 2021- LAPD status, Capt Tom; Cyber, S Mitchem; Fire Cameras, M Hakakha 
  • Feb - Phos-chek, B Kabacker; Fire Ins, J Thompson; USGS, Dr Kate Scharer
  • Dec 2020 - Phos-chek /AI-DWP, B Grundfest; Red Flag Signs, J Thompson; Measure HH, W Young
  • Sept - LAFD Brush Clearance, A. Hogan; LADWP outages, D Hong
  • Jan - EP signs, alerts, updates; LAFD Chief Hogan, CD5 Public Safety Greg Martayan; LAFD ACS M Schlenker
  • ​Nov 2019 - Atlas Resilience, Jack Wallis; Resiliency Overview, Jacqueline Le Kennedy
  • Sept - EMD-RYLAN, Crisanta Gonzalas: W Young: Resiliency 2019, Chuck Maginnis
  • July - ARC, Hazard Map Overlays - Michael Schlenker & Daniel Tamm, LA Sanitation
  • May - Map Your Neighborhood (MYN) - Ben Parks & Bel Air Ridge Overlays, Ed Cain
  • Mar - Interoperable Communications  - Chris Odenthal, LA-RICS
  • Jan - LA Resiliency LAFD Capt Kevin Johnson & Goals / Resilience Plan - Bill Grundfest
  • Nov 2018 - EP Goals, fire protecting homes - Michael Schlenker & Chuck Maginnis
  • Sept  - UCLA Hospital & Campus Emergency Plan - Art Kirkland & Kurt Kainsinger, Dirs. 
  • July - RYLAN, CERT, Weed Whackers -Ben Park & Bill Grunfest 
  • May - RYLAN at Colina Glen /CERT, Ben Park & Shelley Seltzer
  • Mar - RYLAN, Ben Park & Garcetti's LA Resilience Plan
  • Jan - Skirball Fire Recap, Greg Martayan, Koretz Public Safety Deputy
  • Oct 2017 - RYLAN - Ready your LA Neighborhood, Fay Cousins /Ben Park
  • Aug - Metal Blade Weedwackers (Bill Grunfest) & Safe-T-Proof Glen Graholm
  • Jun - SunFireDefense Fire Retardant, Jim Moseley 
  • Apr - Mtn Conserv, Psy Prep, Park Ranger Walt Young
  • Feb – LA Emerg Mgt, 5-step EP program, Alen Pijuan 
  • Dec 2016 – Bev Hills CPR ,  Sonia Berman /Clarence Martin
  • Jul – USGS Pasadena, Earthquakes, Debbie Weiser
  • May – LAFD CERT update /direction, Capt Chris Winn
  • Mar – Liability, Tim Pershing, Assym Bloom’s Office
  • Jan – US Dept. Homeland Security, Scott Mitchem
  • Nov 2015 – CERT Overview C Adair; Hazard Trees
  • Sept – DONE Grayce Liu; Topanga Canyon
  • July  – LAPD Nieto /LAFD Castro; Liability (Pershing /Darnell)
  • May – EP BAT 18 Bogatz; Choke Study
  • Mar – LA-RICS, Radio Communications
  • Jan – LA County Emergency Management
  • Oct 2014 -Communications Subcommittee /BA Park success
  • Aug – UCLA
  • June – Red Cross
  • Apr – US Geo Survey
  • March – Skirball
  • Feb – LAFD Escape Routes /Notification
  • Jan – Nextdoor
  • Dec 2013 – White pages /Nextdoor
  • Oct – CERT
  • Sept – Incident Map /LA 5-pt plan /Emer Notification
  • Aug – J Paul Getty
  • July – Various
  • Jun – BA Crest (EP Equip /Water Tender)
  • May, Apr, Mar – EP Notification, Satellite phones, Sprinkler systems

Notify LA Alert

BABCNC Emergency Placards – The emergency preparedness committee has created a homeowner's guide for emergency preparedness. Click here to print your copy.

SNAP (Specific Needs Disaster Voluntary Registry)

Reverse 9-1-1

Agenda Requests

The Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Committee conducts its business by reviewing and prioritizing agenda requests for Board action (generally either in the form of a motion or letter) or announcements submitted by stakeholders, governmental entities and other interested individuals and organizations. The Administrative Committee has the discretion to postpone an request, refer it to a specific committee for review and recommendation, treat it as an announcement or consider and resolve it as a non-Board administrative matter.

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