Patricia Murphy

I have lived in our home above Sunset Blvd with my wife and our wonderful dog Charley for 10 years. We love our beautiful hillside sanctuary and feel fortunate to be surrounded by engaged, friendly neighbors. After listening to a variety of frustrations about a planned hotel/retail development at the bottom of our street and experiencing the impact of local properties being turned into out-of-control party houses, I decided to get involved. 

After connecting to the President of the Doheny Sunset Plaza Neighborhood Association, I learned more about the role of the Bel Air Beverly Crest Neighborhood Council (BABCNC) and in 2018, I campaigned for an open seat on the Council. Although I did not win a seat, I learned a great deal about the local democratic process and what issues were important to hillside neighborhood stakeholders. Since then, I have become a local neighborhood advocate, an Alternate for our BABCNC representative, attended in person and virtual Board meetings and volunteered my time as a member of BABCNC Traffic Committee. 

Earlier this year, I accepted a newly created seat on the BABCNC Board and am currently the Chairperson of the Public Works and Telecommunications committee.  

I remain committed to supporting the work of BABCNC and to continuing my advocacy for our local neighborhood and community. 

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